Tuesday, 25 March 2014


I have been thinking (stressing) a lot about the storyline. To me, something was not right and I wasn't completely blown away by it.

Then I came up with an idea that has opened many more ideas and more materials.


Instead of Ophelia being 'real' and missing, she will be an imaginary friend formed out of boredom. She was a tool used to escape the real world, and real people. Together, this imaginary  friend 'Ophelia' and I hated the world together.

I originally thought that having the childhood pictures of actual Ophelia and I then wouldn't make sense in the case of her being fictional, BUT in the video I am going to photoshop her out of the pictures, as if she wasn't really there.

Even though Ophelia will star in my video still, in the beginning bit I want to have her as a puppet, just like in the 'Duleling Banjos' video. I will also be a puppet too. It's as if I'm making the video FOR Ophelia at first, introducing her to herself.. for example saying 'this is your house', with an illustration of a random home. The puppets////illustrations will be hung up alongside my work. I want them to be both humorous, playful and creepy.

To an extent I think this will be quite relatable to the viewers, as we always are striving for better things, including better and 'ideal' friends. I am currently very picky with my friends, and find myself feeling lonely due to this selectiveness, so in some sense this piece does strongly relate to me.

For the record, I don't have imaginary friends.

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