Tuesday, 25 March 2014


I like the look of the puppet made from a cotton bud, .however I thought the puppets/figures at the Jake and Dino Chapman exhibition were really interesting. They would be difficult to hang on the wall, and I'm not sure if that would look right. Maybe instead I could have a little table and have those cardboard figures of Ophelia and I with, for example two cups of coffee next to us. There could be a sign like 'drinking coffee'. It could make my piece as a whole feel like more of an installation as appose to two separate pieces; a collage and a film. I think I should draw the faces as appose to sticking a picture of us on the cardboard. It would makes things look more sinister and childlike I think... if the faces were sloppy. Sticking some goggly eyes to the figure could look good as well.


Jake and Dinos Chapman figure

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