Friday, 21 March 2014

Ophelia Storyline

Having a bit of trouble figuring out what the storyline for this movie (fmp) should be.

Ophelia and I were born together. We lived opposite each other, and were best friends. (This part is not fiction by the way). Then I moved to Dubai, she moved to Marlow, and we only recently rekindled our friendship in summer.

Fictional bit

-Suddenly, Ophelia goes missing. She was not found. I became obsessed over this, writing her letters and drawing pictures. Out of the blue, in 2014, I get a letter from Ophelia. It's in French, and luckily I can speak it. It's extremely elusive- saying 'Anna, it's me. You need to find me. Come to the bridge.'
Of course, I go to the bridge and I keep thinking I see her, but then she disappears. She leaves things behind which I pick up and collect (and put with my installation). In the end, I finally see her from behind, turn her around, and she turns and then that's where it ends.  The audience is left not knowing whether I was imagining it//if it was actually her.. etc.

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